Introduction To Devops


Devops means a clipped compound of "software DEVelopment" and "information technology OPerationS, which is used to refer to a set of practices for the communication of both software developers and information technology (IT) professionals as automating the procedure of software delivery and infrastructure changes.

It is the tool that increases an organization’s skill to distribute applications and services at high velocity.People click is the best cloud computing training institute in Bangalore which provides real time and project oriented Devops training with placement assistance.The trainers are experienced working professionals from MNCs.

Course Highlights

  • DevOps Essentials
  • Build Tools–GIT and Jenkins
  • Build and Test Automation
  • Containerizationusing Docker
  • Docker Commands and Use-cases
  • Puppet-1
  • Puppet-2
  • Continuous Monitoring using Nagios
  • DevOps Essentials
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